Industrial Liaison of NINVAST provides complete solutions for vacuum pump repairs and offer services in the field of Vacuum Technology. We are specialized in the rebuilding, repair and maintenance of vacuum ovens, industrial vacuum pumps, vacuum pump equipment and high vacuum pump technology.

Mission Statement:

“To provide high quality solutions of problems in performance of Vacuum systems.”

What we can do for Industry:

NINVAST is well aware that the performance of industrial vacuum system is business critical. This is why; we are committed to being the finest problem solvers in the field.Our team of experts is competent enough for the  rectification of problems involved in industrial vacuum systems to ensure operation at optimal levels.

Designing of Vacuum System:

NINVAST has highly skilled team of experts, capable of designing Vacuum systems of any range, according to the requirements of the clients. We are also capable of up-grading existing vacuum systems.


Repair/Maintenance of Vacuum Pumps:

We are experts in fabricating a wide array of Vacuum Pump Accessories, which are manufactured using the finest quality raw materials. We maintain excellent capabilities in vacuum pump restoration. We renovate all kinds of vacuum pumps. Although not all pump services can be accomplished on site, NINVAST maintains a highly qualified team of engineers and  technicians, fully equipped to perform minor repairs  of vacuum pumps at client’s location.

The vacuum Pump Rebuilding Process:

  • Testing of Pump
  • Disassemble Pump
  • Inspect parts for specifications
  • Rebuilding the Pump
  • Placing the pump on test again
  • Repainting the Pump
  • Shipping the Pump

Preventive Maintenance:

NINVAST team can also  perform routine service and maintenance tasks as well as provide preventive vacuum pump maintenance programs to insure your vacuum equipment stays in top condition and performs well.

Leakage Detection Services in Vacuum Systems:

NINVAST conducts on-site helium leak detection services using a state of the art.We are capable of manufacturing seals and O rings in all sizes ensuring their durability in performance.

Vacuum Gauges Calibration:

NINVAST is quite capable of calibrating all kinds of vacuum  measurement instruments. Scope of the services:
  • Function check on your instrument.
  • Adjustment of the sensors.
  • Calibration.
  • Issuing of a test certificate which contains all data relating to tractability to national and international standards.
To ensure process reliability on your side,we recommend checking and re-calibration of the measuring instruments.

Repair and Factory Refurbishing:

We offer refurbishing which is as complete as possible, we clean and dis-assemble the vacuum systems. Components are replaced with original spares. Re-assembled vacuum pump is brought to operation after testing its fitness.


Field Services:

We offer services which include troubleshooting, on site repairs, consultancy services and providing information about the equipment design, NINVAST technicians are well trained and are fully equipped with all the necessary tools and materials. They are quite capable of handling any sort of problems in vacuum systems.