<b>Dr. Talib Hussain</b>
Dr. Talib HussainDirector Incharge
Dr. Talib Hussain Joined NINVAST as Director Incharge on April 21 st , 2016. He secured his Ph.D. degree in Environmental Engineering from National University of Science & Technology (NUST) in 2008. He performed a lot of research work on Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) in detection of heavy metals and other contaminants in solid and liquid samples at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Mineral Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

He earned M.S and M.Sc. degrees as well in Physics from NUST and Quaid-e- Azam University respectively. He got Six months training on Vacuum Standards from Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS) in 2000. His areas of interest are Vacuum Science & Technology, environmental engineering, LIBS and coatings. He is the editor of lecture notes on “Industrial Vacuum Applications”, and also prepare a notebook on “Vacuum Science & Technology” projects. He published forty five (45) research papers in international and national impacted journals of repute. He possess vast experience and expertise in designing & development of industrial vacuum systems, vacuum measurement, generation, vibration monitoring and control as well as in atomic & molecular and plasma physics. He has been a dynamic member of the organizing committees for the successful holding of the conferences, training workshops, seminars & symposium arranged at national and international level in the field of Vacuum Science & Technology.

Our Valuable Members

Dr. Muhammad Maqsood
Dr. Muhammad Maqsood Chief Scientific Officer, Deputy Director
Ph.D (Physics)
Design and Development of primary and secondary vacuum standards. Supervision of Ph.D/ M.Phil/ BS students for their research projects in the field of Vacuum science & Technology.
Dr. Muhammad Khalid Alamgir
Dr. Muhammad Khalid AlamgirPrincipal Scientific Officer, Head Training
Ph.D (Physics)
Working on synthesis of Nano, bio-compatible & biodegradable materials and thin films. Developing Plasma Nitriding & Nano fiber system. Technical expert of ISO 17025.
Dr. Ahmed YarHead, Vacuum Engineering Department
Mr. Muhammad Shoaib
Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Head, Industrial Liaison
M.Phil (Electronics)
Engaged in up-gradation, design & development of customized Vacuum Systems. Also providing solution of Vacuum related problems to Industries, Academic institutes & Research organizations .
Ms. Ayesha Usman
Ms. Ayesha UsmanSenior Scientific Officer (Physics)
M.Phil (Physics)
Calibration of low and high vacuum gauges. Performance study of vacuum pumps. Permeation of gases through solids. Outgassing study for different samples. Editor of annual “NINVAST BULLETIN”.
Mr. Muhammad Zaka Ansar
Mr. Muhammad Zaka AnsarScientific Officer (Physics)
M.Phil (Solid State Physics)
Research on Materials Physics, thin films, Nano & Bio-compatible materials etc. Assisting BS, M.Sc, MS/M.Phil students in their research projects.
Mr. Sajid Nadeem
Mr. Sajid NadeemScientific Officer (Physics)
M.Phil (Solid State Physics)
Vacuum Gauge calibration, Leak Testing and Quality Management system ISO-9001:2008 & ISO/IEC-17025
Mr. Muhammad Saad Zahoor
Mr. Muhammad Saad ZahoorAssistant Engineer (Mech)
B.Sc Mechanical Engineer
Managing Vacuum Pump maintenance laboratory, Machine & fabrication shop.
Mr. Muhammad Nouman Akhtar
Mr. Muhammad Nouman AkhtarResearch Associate
M. Sc. Physics
Working in Vacuum Standards & Metrology Labs
Calibration of Vacuum Gauges, Leak Testing of vacuum systems, Documentation work related to ISO-9001 & ISO-17025

Visiting Faculty

Dr Aasim Fasih Khan
PhD Mechanical Vibrations
Dr. Javaid Ahsan Bhatti
PhD Vacuum Science