NINVAST most laboratories rely on research under vacuum conditions. This research is mainly about vacuum science & technology as well as its various allied areas.

The students of Ph.D, M.Phil, MS and BS from different universities conduct research work for their thesis project in vacuum technology and its allied fields.

Presently, NINVAST endeavors to focus its R&D activities in areas like:

  • Development and characterization of standard leak calibration system.
  • Generation of Extreme High Vacuum (XHV)
  • Design and development of out-gassing measurement system.
  • Permeability measurement of barrier materials as a function of temperature and pressure.
  • Design and development of orifice plate flow-meter.
  • Performance study of different vacuum pumps; rotary, roots, diffusion, turbo molecular, ion pumps.
  • Design and development of dust collector.
  • Design and development of system for analysis of gas mixture.
  • Accreditation of vacuum standards from Pakistan National Accreditation Council.
  • Ion-nitriding for automotive industry.
  • Nano-structure coatings for energy generation.
  • Biomedical coatings.
  • Nano-structures for sensing applications.
  • Theoretical modeling for mechanical, optical & magnetic properties of thin films.
  • Development of Spin Coating System for polymeric substrate.
  • Design and development of thermal vacuum chamber.