NINVAST Academic programs focus on theoretical and experimental knowledge to build professionals with in-depth understanding of vacuum science & technology and allied areas and to apply it for useful purposes

Course on VST

NINVAST offers three credit hours course on VST in different universities for Under Graduate/ Graduate students. This course is designed for one semester including theoretical part and lab course.


  • To introduce vacuum science & technology (VST) at different forums.
  • To develop NINVAST into a facility of research and development in vacuum science & technology, not only for academic purposes but also for industrial support.
  • To provide a “user-friendly” research and educational environment that is responsive to the needs of the institute.
  • To maintain reliable, up-to-date technological infrastructures and to meet changing service demands to support strategic goals and organization’s plans.
  • To facilitate or act as facilitator for the provision of most up to date education, training, research and other relevant materials / activities for human resource development.
  • To develop projects related to vacuum technology.
  • To help research students regarding their research activities in the lab.
  • To develop primary standards in vacuum technology.
  • To publish annual newsletter of NINVAST.

Research Labs

  • Vacuum Standards Lab
  • Vacuum Flow Dynamics Lab
  • Vacuum Spectroscopy Lab
  • Vacuum Pump Testing Labs
  • Vacuum Metrology Lab
  • Vacuum Chemistry Lab
  • Vacuum Generation Lab
  • Leak Calibration Lab
  • Vacuum Valves Standardization Lab
  • Vacuum Electronics Labs
  • Raman Spectroscopy Labs
  • Vacuum NDT Labs
  • Vacuum Coating Labs
  • High Vacuum Diffusion Labs
  • Vacuum Oil Reclamation Labs
  • UHV Lab


NINVAST library has a good and reasonable collection of literature on vacuum science & technology and allied areas. The journals, magazines, reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries and hand books are available for consultation and issuance. The facility of computer/internet and print out are available to the users.

NINVAST Vacuum Display Hall

NINVAST has established state of the art Vacuum Display Hall, which is perhaps first of its kind. It consist of more than dozen specially arranged vacuum experiments, models and parts of vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, vacuum valves, vacuum accessories for demonstration purpose.